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1. Bank payment counter by cash.
2. Bank deposit machine payments, such as the total payment is RM81, please transfer RM90, the balance will be return with the product which deliver to you.
3. Online Banking.
4. ATM transfer.

Please note, Salesnothing have 4 bank accounts only.

A/C Holder Name : Pheong Kar Yu
May Bank   : 1582 8409 7283
Public Bank: 3146 524 204
Cimb Bank  : 7606245645
Paypal : salesnothing@gmail.com

Please be careful of other unidentified telephone, email or SMS, do not rely on others to instigate transfer or bank in your money, other bank account has nothing relate with Salesnothing.

Deliver goods :
West Malaysia all customers deliver by SkyNet Delivery to your home for the first 1kg is Rm7, after every add 1kg + Rm 2. East Malaysia first 1kg is Rm12, after every add 1kg + Rm 12.

Shipping  :
1. Salesnothing all products are using “spot goods + booking” to shipping. Some products are not very popular, is intended only need it! Pre-order time could be able on 1st and 16th every month !   Thank you for your cooperation.

2. Estimated time of receipt goods will be able within 5~30 days after complete your payment.

3. We will do our best to ensure all product catalog have spot goods, some products may be out for some reason (such as poor sales, customer reflects the poor quality) . If this occurs and you already paid, we will consult with you replace other products, We will satisfy your request. If the box as damaged upon receipt, be sure to unpack the inspection in person at that time! ! !

4. Our product’s photos are real shot, but camera model, shooting light, computer display or other factors, and personal understanding of the differences of color, would inevitably product color maybe some different with photo. In this case, we take the material object, please consider carefully, color problem is not the reason for Exchange products.

5. All products are subject to our rigorous selection process, all products come from formal manufacturers, non-toxic environmental protection. we do not purchase Inferior goods, a reasonable profit is to support our continued development of better and better services to customers.
6. When customers find the box such as damaged upon receipt, be sure to unpack inspection in person! ! ! Do not abandon, if less cargo, please required the transport company make claims based on signature recognition equipment. We are committed to helping clients claim.

7. Fails receipt requested, such as cause of cargo damage due to lost, we will not assume any liability related. Thanks!

8. If after transfer/bank in 1 month still not received the goods, please call us.

9. Does not accept urgent treatment (abroad, eager to arrive and so on), please understand.

10. When Goods deliver to your home, you can ask your homemates sign it for receipt . If no one at home, You will receive a note from delivery company, Please take this note to designated shop to receive. If you have not received anything,Please inform us immediately, we will help you see whereabouts of goods. But if lost in way, we will not responsible. (This phenomenon is extremely rare! Buyers can rest assured.)

warranty :

Electronic goods, manufacturers only guarantee for 7 days for us, if any damage more than 7 days after receipt, we will not responsible.

Thank customers for Your cooperation and support, we will continue to do better service for everyone!






1. 銀行櫃枱付款.
2. 銀行存款機付款, 如貨款總額為RM81, 請匯款RM90, 餘款我們會隨貨退還.
3. Online Banking 也接受.
4. ATM 轉賬.

請注意, 本店只有4個銀行戶口。
A/C Holder Name : Pheong Kar Yu
May Bank   : 1582 8409 7283
Public Bank: 3146 524 204
Cimb Bank  : 08260001336202
Paypal : salesnothing@gmail.com




1.Salesnothing 趣味商店的商品皆採用『現貨+預購』的方式順序出貨。有的貨品太冷門,是需要預定才有的!預購的時間會在每個月的1號和16號!!!謝謝大家的合作。


3.我們會竭心盡力保證網站目錄中所有產品常有貨、少斷貨,正常現貨供應,有些產品可能會因為某些原因而淘汰(如滯銷,客戶反映質 量差等)在此只能給你說聲不好意思,如果出現這種情況並且你已經付款了,我們會與你協商換成其他款式或產品,儘量滿足你的要求。客戶收貨時如外箱破損,請務必當面拆箱驗貨!!!







10.貨品到你家,可以讓任何人簽收。若家裡無人,將收到一封通知信。請拿這通知信去指定的郵局領取, 什麼都收不到:請立刻通知店長,我們把商品寄出了會留著底單,可以幫你查看貨品的下落。途中遺失了,本店一概不負責。(這種現象極度罕有!買家可以放心。)